Future Shakers is an event series bringing people together to explore progressive shifts in our society, industry, the economy and how we relate to the environment and supporting work towards positive change.

Tackling local and global challenges from a variety of angles, forums will focus on a diverse breadth of topics such as creating a more fair society, the fundamentals of trust, trauma and addiction, the power of storytelling, the future beyond capitalism, and the essential growing interface between humans and the rest of nature.

Produced in partnership with a broad range of social change leaders, these gatherings will explore better ways of being human, and how we can actively bring them into the world, building better futures.

In 2018, the event series will launch with two world class conferences and exhibitions:

  • The Trust Summit - Centred on trust and it’s critical role in society and business.

  • The Peer to Peer Economy Summit - Exploring the blockchain, cryptocurrency, collaborative consumption, and the decentralised people-centred economy.

Exploring progressive shifts in our society, industry, the economy and how humans relate to the environment

The Ethical Investment Network is a social network and event series connecting investors with promising startups and well established companies focussed on achieving social and environmental good whilst also delivering competitive market returns.

Events will feature pitch presentations from developers of innovative technologies, services and projects, structured and informal networking and fine dining. A diverse range of investors seeking to offer seed, early, mid and late stage funding and a variety of high value investment prospects will connect and discuss opportunities for partnership in a friendly and relaxed setting.

Each networking event will target a different ethical investment sector, with focus areas for 2018 including:

Fair trade fashion
Sustainable agriculture and food production
Clean energy
Democracy and community engagement tools
Trust, privacy and data security
Future economy, cryptocurrency and blockchain
Sustainable mining technologies and future energy commodities 


Connecting investors with companies achieving social and environmental good and competitive market returns