Event Sponsorship Executive

The Event Sponsorship Executive role will involve overseeing the sponsorship and exhibition sales strategy and execution for A Connected Event and the active event series Future Shakers and The Ethical Investment Network, including:

  • Taking prepared sponsorship briefs and working with the event producer towards developing a sponsorship and exhibition strategy for each event based on clear kpis

  • Working with the event producer and graphic designer to design tailored sponsorship collateral and agreements for each event and ensuring that this collateral is complete for our needs

  • Generating sponsor and exhibitor lead target lists and working through phone based and in person outreach with lead targets

  • Ensuring that sponsorship revenue meets or exceeds targeted kpis for each event

  • Connecting all confirmed sponsors with the sponsorship logistics manager for ongoing event management and working in partnership with the sponsorship logistics manager to ensure that all needs are met

  • Handling any sponsor related enquiries throughout the duration of the event production cycle, maintaining positive relationships with current and potential sponsors and exhibitors

  • Acting as one of the main points of contact for sponsors and exhibitors at events onsite to handle sponsor liaison and foster strong client relationships

This role would be a contract position that is entirely commission based, with a 10% commission, with each Ethical Investment Network event targeting over $10,000 in sponsorship and each Future Shakers event targeting over $150,000. Between April 2018 - June 2018 there would be the opportunity to earn over $80,000 meeting targeted kpis, and significantly more if these targets are exceeded. 

Marketing Strategy Lead

The Marketing Strategy Lead role will involve overseeing the marketing strategy, communications strategy and execution for A Connected Event and the active event series Future Shakers and The Ethical Investment Network, including:

  • Developing A Connected Event brand guidelines

  • Ensuring that A Connected Event brand collateral is up to guidelines and complete for our current needs for the projects

  • Taking prepared marketing briefs and developing a practical marketing execution strategy for A Connected Event’s Future Shakers and The Ethical Investment Network event series including clear kpis

  • Overseeing the execution marketing strategies

  • Target audience and persona work clarifying motivations driving attendance at the summit and participation in Future Shakers, The Ethical Investment Network and specific in partnership with the Manager and Event Directors

  • Assisting with Connected Event master website and series website design and management

  • Driving comms about A Connected Event event series to the website

  • Managing social media platforms 

  • Drafting / overseeing blog production

  • Building in community networking tools 

  • Building our project management platform, Flow where needed to some extent

  • Ensuring that communications are in line with A Connected Event’s diversity and inclusion policy 

The position will commence in April and will be a 2 day a week casual hire position, paid at AUD$35 an hour between April - August, expanding to a full time salaried position from September onwards.  

To express your interest in either of these roles or for more information please contact Alicia Boyd on 0402 231 300 or email alicia@aconnectedevent.com.