I work on self managed event projects, collaborative partnerships and as a contractor professional conference organiser in the following service areas.

Event concept development


I develop conference speaker programs, interactive format sessions and exhibitions in partnership with key stakeholders.

I assess market feasibility, identify the target audience of the event and how to reach it and engage with it and draft event formats and programs to suit the audience and purpose of the forum.

Concept development is carried out through a combination of desk based research, direct enquiry with prospective delegates and consultation with select steering committees.

Design techniques such as directed interviewing, focus groups, empathy mapping, u process, causal layered analysis and market segmentation help direct this process.

Event scoping and planning


Once the event concept has been developed and refined I create a final event scope and a plan for its delivery. This process incorporates the development of a comprehensive project delivery timeline which includes all stages involved in event development.

In partnership with key event stakeholders and suppliers I develop a projected budget for the delivery of the project, considering necessary staffing and resource requirements with a focus on value and cost efficiency.

Event management


Following conceptual development and planning I coordinate the delivery of the project from start to finish.


This involves management of all event staff, keeping the project to time frames and financial scope, and running the events on the day, with a flexible, positive outcome driven focus.

I provide a range of event design, planning and management services